Our Competence

As a consulting company we do not want to strictly define any rigid boundary around our professional activities. But in a general setting we identify our working areas to include many of the fields of modern technologies that require cutting edge tools of scientific computing. We love quantifying problems with rigorous formalism but intuitive imagination walks side by side. Below you may check out our consulting competences. The domain decomposition is not absolute they will change as new 7REans join our team and bring in new knowledgebase with them.


We provide novel wireless mesh based technologies combined with state of the art routing techniques involving distributed computing and edge computing based on intelligent context aware system framework.

  • Our coordinated point to point network technology is self-organizing, autonomic and fault tolerant.
  • Energy efficient routing taking into consideration the autarkic energy supply (e.g. Solar or Wind energy).
  • Dedicated wireless backhaul technology supporting legacy system architecture with utmost heterogeneity.
  • Device to device (M2M/D2D) communication.
  • Intelligent handover technology for mobile user equipment.
  • Dynamic network visualization tools supporting complex network attributes and features (e.g. web based deployment, common map datum integration etc.)
  • Novel coding schemes for evolving networking protocols.
  • Network topology design in the lights of multi-objective goal optimization.
  • Connected home/living solution with application to modern Real Estate development.
  • Shared spectrum technology for next generation wireless applications
Fluid Dynamics

Fluid structure interaction is the main technical field we are trying to excel in. Our solution space covers hydrodynamic/aerodynamic modeling and shape/ optimization for arbitrary structure. There exists a simplification module to control the simulation complexity depending on the customer need. General purpose gradient/gradient free minimization of design objectives governed by the Navier-Stokes and related equations are the strength of our modular system engineering approach.

  • Product design development: Our experts are applying fluid dynamic analysis to product design across a wide range of technical applications in order to maximize the product potential.
  • Design and shape optimization: We are discovering the forefront of the use of multi-parameter optimization techniques coupled with CFD morphing technology.
  • Flow characterization and understanding of existing fluid dynamic devices using or getting affected by turbulence phenomena.

Our CFD consultancy business is varied and experienced. Whatever your CFD simulation needs are we can help. We cover client CFD requirements from internal multi-phase flows to multiple degrees of freedom moving mesh models and external aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

Information Processing & Web Technologies

Our team of young algorithmic scientists are eager to know and explore new mathematical horizons that may help to shape the technology industry of future.

  • We provide cloud solution for multitude of software products.
  • Intelligent Interconnectivity Measure of global events as transient information nodes and realizing the dynamics of their casual dependence. Visualizing the dependency envelope on the temporal resolution. Big Data visualization, HTML 6/Semantic web and beyond.
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostic of systems requiring low latency interaction.
  • Progressive 3D image/data rendering solution for high end enterprise scale visualization tools.
  • Behaviorally Immersive online marketing.
Electronics Development & Analog Simulation

Innovations like wearable electronics for vital parameters monitoring and remotely assisted treatment are in our development roadmap.

  • We develop complete solutions from designing medical diagnostic equipment from the very first concept stage until serial prototype manufacturing.
  • We have the proficiency in designing Analog- and Mixed-Signal multilayer PCBs with HDI (High density interconnects).

Our expert electronics engineers also provide firmware development in C/C++ and/or using python in RTOS based environment. We will guide you through the entire lifecycle of your product.

We have also extensive experience in analog circuit modeling, simulation and model order reduction using projection methods and 3rd party heuristic algorithms. We provide automatic framework for sensitivity analysis of parametric systems governed by nonlinear differential algebraic equations. This simulation tools can be used to characterize the parameters of a CMOS transistor for a new technology.

Mathematical Modeling

Our core business revolves around mathematical modeling and developing algorithms for autonomous systems. Our mathematical modeling team provides answers to scientific and technical questions based on the predictive capability of cutting edge mathematics. We are constantly keeping track of the evolution happing around the world of applied mathematical research activities and trying to rip the benefits with a goal to bring new technological innovation breaking the abstract barrier of mathematics. Some of the major strength and interest of our team of professionals at 7RE includes:

  • Network theory and topology of networks. Graph theory information routing and network flow optimization
  • Linearization and asymptotic limits of chaotic nonlinear system with in their different scales and resolution
  • Queuing algorithms and multi criteria optimization in the vast landscape of stochastic systems
  • Finite element and finite volume methods and their plug and play parallelization
  • Information processing and its algorithmic challenges
  • Multivariate statistics and time series data assimilation combined with Markov models and its implications for systems similar to volatile financial market

Our team of young algorithmic scientists are eager to know and explore new mathematical horizons that may help to shape the technology industry of future.

Energy and Environment

Our current offering for the energy sector includes the following

  • We deliver smart factory solutions for planning and upgrading future as well as existing power plants with context aware connectivity.
  • Porous media modeling coupled with electrochemical reaction and multiphase fluid dynamics indispensable for fuel cell industry.
  • Inverse design for geo-scientific problems and meteorology event modeling like the Tsunami modeling and designing and upgrading weather prediction systems