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We offer scientific and technological consulting for diverse industries. We also act as technology enabler for developing nations. We provide software solutions, real time location based services, innovative consulting in the field of wireless communication, addressing problems arising in the field of complex dynamical systems. Though mathematical modeling, data processing and simulation science is our favorite areas of choice we are always excited to expand in new areas and solve new problems. Check our solutions and explore how we can help you.

Access your PC content anywhere

We developed SWYO (Stream What You Own) with the vision of putting our favourite computers in our pocket and make PC content ubiquitously accessible in a effortlessly cross-platform manner.

SWYO is a software that users installs on a Windows PC with a broadband internet connection. Now with the streaming server SWYO running on the PC, users can remotely access all their applications, movies, music and above all each and every PC games they own, either via a browser or our android app when using a handheld device. SWYO being browser based makes it possible to remotely access PC content on any OS that supports a modern browser with out the need of installing any client software and hence makes everything hassle free, increasing the ease of access drastically. Given the mobile app PCs become truly mobile and fits in the pocket. Hence our personal message to the PC gaming community: "Play your PC games anywhere"!

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A predictive public transport information system

A smart and predictive public transport information system including live fleet tracking facility. With GPS tracking based delay prediction algorithm passengers can now manage their travel schedule like never before. Adopting software as service transport operators can adjust passenger information in real time and plan their operations better, thus significantly raising the bar for the quality of service.

Most of the public transport operators still provide their passengers with transit information which, by the time the consumer receives it, has already become obsolete. TrackRE Public Transport Information System dynamically predicts the same information in advance and readily makes it available to its consumers before it indeed becomes the reality. Additionally a customer friendly transport operator using any internet capable GPS device and the mathematical precision offered by TrackRE, can start reaping benefits of location-aware mobile microtargeting and explore new possibilities for elevating their revenue.

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connect the unconnected

With handsets adopting both Wi-Fi and cellular now, wireless subscribers are getting used to high quality data connection services irrespective of their location - and they will change carriers if they don't get it. Whether you are a data service provider targeting to expand into emerging markets or a regional cellular provider pushing for subscriber-base extension - responding to diverse and data intensive customer demands requires a robust infrastructure capable of providing the seamless delivery of video, voice, data and mobility support. Some of the advantages:

  • Significantly cuts operational expenditures by eliminating fiber and leased line costs
  • Adds network capacity in no time
  • Easily scales to growing traffic demands
  • Provides carrier-grade reliability - 99.999% uptime
  • Adapts to challenging environmental barriers to connectivity
  • Circumnavigate geographical barrier

To add capacity to any network, wireless technology provides an inherently flexible and scalable alternative to fiber or leased lines without the associated high costs - and can be installed in a fraction of the time. Our product aceWIN high-capacity backhaul solution enable wireless and wire line service providers to meet their customers' growing needs for bandwidth, coverage and mobility. Quick and easy to deploy, aceWIN mesh networking framework provide secure voice and data connections that are completely scalable, secure, offer carrier-class reliability and are unaffected by harsh environmental conditions.

what gets vizualized, gets managed

Visualizing or real time monitoring and management of a complex network dynamics to all its possible scales and resolutions in order to understand the subtle interlinks between the global and local network phenomena. We offer our innovative and configurable software suite NetVisG. NetVisG implements remote monitoring and progressive rendering of large end heterogeneous network state frames even with super dense network element deployment. Other objectives satisfied by the software suite are the following:

  • State of the art database connection supporting high data volume
  • Network diagnostics report and logging crucial performance indicators on the fly including alarm mechanism
  • Google Maps and Open Street Map integration
  • Easy to setup on heterogeneous back end due to support of scripting languages and adaptive context management, supporting browser/Qt/Java based front-end

NetVisG is highly memory efficient and it can be ported on Smart Phones and Tablets (with limited features) so that you can access network state from anywhere using secure connection.

communicate with your devices

D3Com is a next generation candidate for evolving wireless standards. D3Com is our simulation tool for analyzing and implementing a direct device to device communication framework. It aids in planning, visualization and in depth mathematical analysis of various research challenges like proximity detection, efficient peer and service discovery, interference management and other PHY layer procedures with customizable network parameters like transmit power, cell size, number of devices to be connected, allocated bandwidth etc. Standardization of D2D communications will lead to Operator-Controlled D2Dover LTE/LTE-Advanced covering the following issues:

  • Introduction to LTE and LTE-Advanced Networks
  • Requirements and Working Assumptions in 3GPP (Proximity-based Services)
  • Network Based D2D Protocol design
  • Performance Evaluation will include link-Level and System Level Simulator & performance Evaluation

Device-to-Device communications with cellular underlay has been of interest lately because it takes advantage of physical proximity of the devices to enable direct short-range communications among them. Advantages of D3Com based network design for D2D communications include improving coverage, efficient resource utilization, higher data rates, offloading the cellular system, reduced battery consumption, robustness to infrastructure failures and enabler for new services.

optimize the algorithmic dynamics

Our core business revolves around mathematical modeling and developing algorithms for interlinked complex dynamical systems. Our product EQShape brings the glimpse of 7RE optimization technology that can be used efficiently with any equation based general system description. System equations can be represented as black box numerical models containing arbitrary code drivers as well as traditional notations like ODE, PDE or any type of time dependent or static formalism.

EQShape can deliver deep applied mathematical insights to a complex system management and accurate control strategies in short amount of time that can prove to be a key for rapid development and progress for our customer’s filed of interest - be it ship building or remote monitoring of driving a polymerization process considering its intricate and super-sensitive chemical reaction kinetics. Currently covered areas that are integrated as driver modules to EQShape optimization engine are the following:

  • PolyKin (Polymerisation Kinetics)
  • Sen-XT (Sensitivity Analysis Framework for ODE, PDE drivers)
  • INVERTO (Inverse Design for Geoscience and multi-physical systems i.e. analog electrical circuits, automotive control, real time Tsunami dynamics prediction)

At the current state EQShape consists of three system driver implementation. Other system drivers can be added with minimal effort with a simplistic API supplied by 7RE. The EQConnect API offers customers from diverse fields to add their system scenarios with the help of our consulting support.