A smart and predictive public transport information system including live fleet tracking facility. With GPS tracking based delay prediction algorithm passengers can now manage their travel schedule like never before. Adopting software as service transport operators can adjust passenger information in real time and plan their operations better, thus significantly raising the bar for the quality of service.

What is TrackRE?

TrackRE is a Predictive Public Transport Information (PPTI) service designed to keep the passenger informed of their bus throughout its route. One of the most troubling problems passengers face even today, is still the unpredictability of the waiting times for their chosen mode of transport (buses, trains...). This is caused by random traffic conditions and unavoidable operating delays. While transport operators increasingly try to assist their passengers with live support, to date most passenger information services are far from delivering a satisfying solution. TrackRE has been developed to solve the passenger and transport operator problems by predicting the unavoidable traffic delays in real time, to make life easier for the passengers as well as transport service providers.

Diagram illustrating TrackRE technology in action
The key building blocks of TrackRE
TrackRE uses readily available GPS technology and proprietary simulation algorithm (that uses vehicle movement time series data, mathematical model of complex traffic flow on highly accurate geospatial networks) to track vehicles and predict vehicle arrival time.
Input Data
By taking into account the actual geolocation of the buses, their intended stops, and typical traffic speed limits, TrackRE can precisely estimate vehicle arrivals at any POI coordinate on a predefined path of journey. Support for arrival estimate in case of detours in real time is under development pipeline scheduled for the next release candidate.
In order to supply passengers with latest information in real time (approximately once every second) a cellular internet of 2.5G or greater is required. This is assuming that no disruption of GPS data link takes place and the real-time location of the bus is successfully transmitted to the cloud based TrackRE computing backend.
Most of the public transport operators still provide their passengers with transit information which, by the time the consumer receives it, has already become obsolete. TrackRE Public Transport Information System dynamically predicts the same information in advance and readily makes it available to its consumers before it indeed becomes the reality. Additionally a customer friendly transport operator using any internet capable GPS device and the mathematical precision offered by TrackRE, can start reaping benefits of location-aware mobile microtargeting and explore new possibilities for elevating their revenue.
The interactive passenger app - a user-friendly passenger solution
  • Select your journey
    Select the departure and the arrival stations from the list of stations covered by the transport company.
  • Select your trip
    Once the point of interest is selected, a list of all the possible trips connecting the POI will be displayed. Select the trip you want to track. However the predictive-tracking will work only for the active trips.
  • Start predictive-tracking in real time
    To start predictive-tracking for an active trip, you can either opt for textual or map based visualization. In map based visualization the current location of the bus is displayed with minimum track info whereas in textual visualization detailed track info is provided e.g. bus time table, ETA for all the upcoming stations etc.
The all-in-one driver app - why transport operators will love this solution
  • Track your bus and drivers
    Transport operators get the freedom to track the vehicle, the driver in charge and even the tracking device in case it is a smartphone
  • Real time event alert
    All stopping events, illegal speeding and many other telematics related events are covered by either an automatic alert (in case of any deviations or abnormalities), or a direct message delivery from the driver in charge.
  • Compatible with any GPS enabled hardware
    There is no need to buy any extra GPS tracking hardware if you do not have one. The TrackRE driver app can work on any GPS enabled smartphone.
app testing and survey

A quick field testing of the app with a bus traveling from Kaiserslautern to Mainz and taking the survey with the passengers.

the survey result
More than 27% passengers had >20 minutes of uninformed delay, leading to a low average rating for long distance buses.
Even non-regular passengers taking long distance buses the least amount of times have experienced unpredictable delay.
Most passengers suffering from transport delay would prefer an app based real-time PIS over SMS notification.
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