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Transport Industry

Driven to reinvent the intermodal transport control system for the public sector. Be it smart ticketing, real time tracking, delay prediction of fleets or intelligent journey planning. We focus on modularity, flexibility and rapid deployment. Our services are future facing, scalable and highly autonomous.

Wireless Communication

We provide novel wireless mesh and senor based technologies combined with state of the art routing techniques. Our focus is on secure and distributed cloud compatible hardware solutions enabling intelligent, context aware, machine to machine (M2M) communication for future 5G society.

Insight Analysis

Making sense of complex data in real time. Many industrial sector generate large chunk of operational data. With our machine learning tools and modeling algorithms you can further optimize business processes across domains and gain insight that was hidden so far.

Crash Reporting

Benefits of artificial intelligence for everyone in the public transport industry. We help your operations increasingly autonomous and self-organizing. Adaptive mixture of hardware and software solution to achieve future proof MaaS solutions for passengers and public transport companies of every size.



We are working on visualization and evaluation platform for 5G systems. With a focus towards academic research we focus on developing wireless solutions for the transport industry. Other areas include AI tool design for SDN, intrusion detection and industrial communication.

Mathematical Modeling

Application of Graph theory tools for information routing and network flow control and simulations. Queuing algorithms and multi criteria optimization for dynamic stochastic systems. Temporal data sensing with neural network models for systems with volatility and complex trend patterns.

Machine Learning

Our expertise in mathematical optimization and computational statistics makes it possible to leverage advanced machine learning tools to solve diverse decisional problems in the transport industry. We are working on harnessing the power of AI for a smarter and more autonomous mobility as a service.

Web Technologies for Realtime Systems

Intrusion sensitive, decentralized cloud solutions for traditional software problems. Remote monitoring and diagnostic of systems requiring low latency interaction. Interactive 3D/Video streaming solutions for visualization and remote collaboration.