CkeckIn. Ride. CheckOut.

That simple with the Linear smartphone app.


That’s how CheckIn-CheckOut
technology (CiCo) with
the Linear app works

1. Search Stops

Geo-sensitive nearby stop search or search them by name. Stops search can provide real time journey details when available. Trip price calculation.

2. Get Ticket

Easy to buy or show a ticket. Smart off-line support, battery and journey notifications. Intelligent location based tariff zone sensing.

3. End Journey

Get automatic reminder on ending of a trip. Explore journey history and ticketing statistics. Access monthly bills directly from the app.

The Customer

oriented electronic fare systems…

only get feasible by pay-per-use fare calculation provided by a CiCo- or CiBo-system.Today’s wide spread conventional fare systems and also trend-setting, distance-related, electronic fare systems can be transacted. Electronic fare systems often are estimated to be more just and performance-related than f. e. tariff-zone-systems and can therefor help increase yield and customer acceptance. numbers are still rising.

The Customer

The customer substantially profits...

from a smartphone app working on the CiCo principle. He does not need to have any knowledge of the fare system any more but can thus be sure to get the cheapest suitable fare. Furthermore he does not need to buy a ticket at a confusing vending machine or at the bus driver and therefor does not need any small money.

Our Client

public transport companies and associations profit…

from the simple and lean option to get into electronic ticketing fast and cheap. With no invest in additional hardware, distribution expenses can be reduced and vehicle schedules accelerated. Linear technology provides a comfortable user surface to access statistics and to push sales data to accounting department and to revenue distribution via existing interfaces (f. e. PT-Com).

With the help of the background system the customer care center can answer customer inquiries and configure and send messages to the users. The fare and sales department can easily adjust prices and products and bring the changes efficiently and cost effective into sales.


technically up to date…

is the Linear app if it comes to system security and data privacy protection. The cloud-based background system is protected by a security & intrusion detection software that is subject to constant development and improvement. Client security is designed to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of EU. Transfer of sensible personal data underlies a strong dynamic encryption. We give top priority to passenger’s data privacy. For that reason we follow the transparent “double opt-in & right to forget” principle. Position and movement data are only stored as long as absolutely necessary.

Available time table data und real time information can be imported via standard interfaces (VDV-TRIAS, GTFS, VDV 452 etc.) and used for an integrated journey planner.

Futhther App Development of the App

is a constantly running process. Right now we work on these new features

Assisted check-out

By means of smart data and artificial intelligence the software learns to detect the end of the passenger’s trip and gives him a check-out reminder. Further improvement of this process leads to an automatic “be-out” functionality.

Deposit season-tickets in the app

Monthly and annual tickets, job- and student tickets can be deposited in the app in a fraud and fake resistant way. Given that the customer purchases and keeps all his different tickets in one medium. Banning season tickets from the central background system is instantly possible at any time.

Local context information, user-feedback & ad-funded discounts.

Public transport relevant information from either the company or users can be displayed in the app in appropriate situations. Users can choose to get discount on the fare by admitting advertisement.

If the necessary organizational and tariff requirements are set up, single sign on for multi region use of the Linear App can be realized. In this case the respective current tariff region is indicated. Even opening up the system for the smartphone oriented target group of persons under 18 years of age seems to be doable.

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